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About Lynn Dee - Ceramic Artist

My decision to become a ceramic artist was completely entwined with my desire to move to Roatan, Islas de la Bahia, Honduras. On my first visit to Roatan in 1995, I wanted to    call this island my home. In 2002, I took my first big leap by abandoning my corporate career in print media to train as a potter.

Good fortune led me to an "open studio" in Newport, Delaware, USA, which was run by a group of seasoned professional potters—a few of great reknown. I walked in the door and told the instructors that I had two years to learn as much as possible about building and firing clay, as I was moving to a third- world country to be a potter. My gratitude to them is as enduring as a yaba ding ding. (That's "island speak" for Mayan pottery shards fired centuries ago, and still found in the Bay Islands.)

In January, 2006, I packed up my shiny new gas-fired kiln and glazes, and moved to Roatan permanently. Our new home and my studio in Sandy Bay were completed in November, 2006.

All of my tiles, building models and sculptures are created by hand at my studio on Roatan, most often with slabs of rolled clay. The pieces are air-dried for several weeks before initial firing. Every piece is then hand-painted with lead-free glaze, and fired a second time. I inject a little amusement, even irreverence, into my work, without any forethought. The joy of working with clay and fire just seems to
shine through.

LYNN DEE, Ceramic Artist
Sandy Bay Clay
Roatan, Honduras

Our Home "Casa Blanca"

Our Beach

The Studio

Casa Blanca Gardens

Wanda, my studio kitty and inspiration for the "Island Cat & Dog" series

Sunset from our Beach


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Sandy Bay Clay

Lynn Dee, Ceramic Artist
Sandy Bay, Roatan