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Sandy Bay Clay - The Ceramic Process

Slab Rolled - Virtually every piece made in my studio, including round objects, begins as a slab of clay rolled to uniform thickness. Sandy Bay Lawson Rock

Building - The clay is then cut, manipulated, or "glued" to take form.

Drying - The finished piece is then air-dryed for at least 2 weeks. In our humid climate, this important step cannot be rushed, or the piece will crack!

First Kiln Firing - When the piece is finally dry it is placed in the kiln for it's first firing. The kiln process is known as a low firing and takes about 7 hrs to complete. When the piece comes out of the kiln it is now considered a ceramic.

Glazing - Three coats of low-fire, non-toxic glazes are then painted onto the piece. For a high gloss finish, three additional coats of clear glaze are applied.

Second Firing - Each piece is then fired a second time, following the same procedure--a 7-8 hour firing to 1900F.

Lawson Rock Roatan Ceramics
The Finished Result - If the kiln goddess is smiling on me, the piece is now completed! The piece is now ready for display or use. All pieces are dishwasher safe (unless decorative items have been added after the firing), lead-free and non-toxic. ENJOY! Coming Soon!

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